Art Based on the Transcendent Light of Greatest Variety in Strongest Unity

Artist Statement

Light is essential in the visual arts. We value light because we realize that without it, the visual realm (including art) wouldn't exist. This light manifests itself in many forms: natural light, man-made light, the light of our imaginations, spiritual light, etc. Our hope is to create artwork based on a supreme and transcendent light: that which brings together the greatest variety of elements in the strongest unity possible.

These images are made from a variety of sources, including photographs, ink washes, paintings, drawings, found objects, etc. We've composed and combined these elements using digital processes that allow practically infinite experimentation. Gustav Mahler once said, "A symphony should be like the world, everything should be in it." Our goal is a visual symphony that embraces any degree of abstraction together with any degree of realistic representation.

We hope for and work toward a unity of all artistic elements and influences; however, we realize that what we've created are only fragments that point toward that ideal destination.